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Sander EOS 170

One piece sander


– Always remove the plug from the power supply socket before carrying out any maintenance or repair work such as cleaning the sander or changing the sandpaper!
– Always disconnect the machine by removing the plug from the socket, not by pulling on the mains cable.
– Always wear safety goggles and dust mask when working.
– Keep the workplace clean and well illuminated.
– Ensure that the workpiece is sufficiently secured so that you are able to work safety and effectively.
– Keep children away from the machine.
– Always keep your machine clean, and check for possible defects of damage after every job.
– Always ensure that the switch is switched off before you insert the plug into the power supply socket

Fee: £ 1.00 for 7 days

Location: Eto by Awesome Wales
Condition: B - Fair
Brand: Power Craft
Code: BB-0018

A powerful and compact electronic sander that delivers speed and is ideal for surface finishing of flat areas.

Clamp paper attachment ensures quick and easy paper change.

Exhaust can attach to a vacuum cleaner to reduce dust.

Wear ear protection Yes
Wear eye protection Yes


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Eto by Awesome Wales