Since Benthyg's beginning, volunteers have been a valuable resource to both us, and the wider community. By volunteering, you are not only helping a local community through community involvement, you will be developing new skills and broadening your own horizons.

Benthyg offers a social meeting place where people of all ages and backgrounds can borrow and donate household items with skill sharing promoted through repairing and testing our items.  We recognise and value those who have a wide range of hands-on practical and inter-personal skills and relies on its committed team of volunteers to deliver and maintain a high-quality and reliable service. 

Volunteer with us

Some of the skills we need to sustain Benthyg include the following:

- Hosting / Reception / Front of House (Helping members borrow things)

- Social Media (Shouting about how awesome Benthyg is and what we have to offer)

- Administration / Organisation (Helping keep us super streamlined and efficient)

- Events (Organising really cool events to share skills and showcase our things)

- Repairer / Fixer / Tester (work together to troubleshoot, fix and maintain our things)

- Skill Sharer (plan and host practical events on DIY, sewing, gardening or upcycling)

A full explanation of how Benthyg operates is provided either in advance of your first volunteering opportunity or on the day. Volunteers are given the opportunity to select a role to which they feel most suited, e.g. front-of house, repairing, administration, testing. 

Volunteers should only attempt tests and repairs for which they have the necessary skills, competence and expertise. Volunteers are encouraged to work together and learn from each other.

If the above has caught your interest and you would like to get involved either:


Team Benthyg Barry